Etching and Engraving to create personalised gifts



We have two ways of etching items. The main way is with a computer driven laser. and the second way when the item wont work in our laser is to create a stencil and sand carve.   We have a saying that if your item has a smooth surface we can probably etch on it.


Your Items

 Not only do we do etching and engraving on items that we keep on hand. But you can and we want you to bring your items. Stainless steel tumblers, powder coated tumblers, baking dishes,  flower pots and large rocks are a few items we would prefer you bring to us for etching to create your own custom gifts or personalized wedding gifts. 


Outdoor Rocks Yard Markers, and Boulders

We do keep a small selection of river rocks and flagstone on hand for you to purchase. Larger boulders can be sand carved and we prefer you pick out your own.  All  rocks have a stencil applied to them and then are sand carved. Also most of the text is color filled and a sealer is applied. 


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