Dress Alterations

Alteration Description

  The "& More" side of our business includes sewing and dress alterations. We do professional seamstress services to include, but not limited to, everyday hemming, wedding dress or bridal alterations and prom dress alterations, and full bridesmaid dresses from scratch. Contact us for a personalized quote.  So we can have plenty of one on one time for your fittings, I prefer you call ahead of time and set up an appointment.


  •  Can I get a quote for Altering my dress?  I can give you a very rough estimate but without seeing the dress on you the estimate won't be very accurate.
  • Can dress be altered from a zipper to a lace up?  Yes most dresses can be made into a lace up
  • What is the turnaround time for altering a dress?  I prioritize my dresses to the due date needed. So some will be done in as little as a week others that aren't due so soon will hang on the rack until the date needed gets closer. 
  • Do you replace Zippers?  Yes I replace zippers in coats, jeans,and coveralls.I charge $10.00 plus the cost of the zipper.
  • Are walk ins welcome?  I prefer the alterations have an appointment.  There are some days I am not in our shop and that will save you a trip.  Also when we have appointments there won't be others waiting on me and I can devote my full attention to you and your dress.  If you do walk in I will do my best to get to you as soon as possible. 


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